Scent marketing benefits:

Boost Sales and Increase Customer Dwell Time
Differentiate your Brand and Enhance the Customer Experience
Enhance the Perception of Product Quality
Create a Want or Mood, and Be Remembered
Create a Bond between Customers and Staff

Enhance the perception of Product Quality

  • Scents can signal the presence of a product and increase the attention or interest level. Scents can also lead to a better appraisal of the product and increase the time that a consumer gives to consider a particular product
  • People perceive scented areas as more luxurious and items found in those areas as more valuable. Studies show they will even pay a premium of 10% more money in a scented environment
  • Ambient scenting increases positive product ratings by 25%
  • When asked to evaluate the quality of two identical products, subjects consistently rated the product in the scented room as being of higher quality


  • Customers consistently rated one pair of silk stockings as being of higher quality than another pair even though they were exactly the same; the only difference was the presence of a citrus scent on the one perceived as being higher quality
  • Nike shoes received a better evaluation in a scented room. Two identical pairs of Nike shoes were placed in separate but identical rooms and only one room was infused with a mixed floral scent. 84% of test subjects preferred the shoes displayed in the room with the fragrance and also estimated the value of the “scented” shoes to be $10.33 higher than the other identical pair in the unscented room
  • Chicago University researchers found that 84% of shoppers perceived identical shoes more attractive when displayed in an area with scenting, and valued the shoes at $15 more