Scent marketing benefits:

Boost Sales and Increase Customer Dwell Time
Differentiate your Brand and Enhance the Customer Experience
Enhance the Perception of Product Quality
Create a Want or Mood, and Be Remembered
Create a Bond between Customers and Staff

Differentiate your brand and enhance the Customer Experience

  • Consumers can perceive value through their senses. When you use an ambient scent in the retail environment and through the products you are selling, you improve customers shopping experience and their enjoyment of the product. But even beyond that, just having your environment smell wonderful influences consumers’ perceptions of the quality of your products
  • Create a direct association of a scent with your brand to elevate it, make it distinctive from competitors, and unforgettable
  • Scent increases recall of unfamiliar brand names and increases recall of specific products and their features
  • By enhancing the store, packaging, and even your print ads with a unique brand scent, you create a seamless sensory experience in which positive brand associations come to mind


  • Rolls-Royce puts a trademarked smell under the cars’ seats before they leave the factory
  • Cadillac actually developed a proprietary scent that is infused into their seat leather
  • Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chrysler and Ford have their own fragrances as well
  • Starwood Hotels diffuses a fragrance of old books and parchment into their lobbies