Our Diffusers

At Natscent we provide the highest quality diffusers and fragrances so that you can enjoy all the benefits of scenting. The quality and range of the fragrances and diffusers directly influence the performance of your scent marketing strategy.





Natscent's commercial fragrance diffusers are built in France with only sustainable materials, 100% recyclable.

Fully programmable, they allow you to choose the intensity level of the fragrance as well as the hours/days of operation for the week.

All our diffusers use a fragrance cartridge system with cartridge bottles specifically designed for our devices.

All our diffusers are designed to the highest standards and use the latest technology available - Cold-Air Nebulizing Diffusion

This technology delivers the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented room. It provides:

  • minimal consumption of fragrance
  • no alteration of oils, no use of water, heat or fans
  • no trace or residue in the air
  • a quiet, smooth operation
  • a minimal level of allergens, less than 1 PPM (one particle per million). The allergy threshold for most people is over 100 PPM