Why use Scent Marketing?

We perceive the world through our sense of sight and sound, but smell is the only sense that drives behavior on an instinctive and subconscious level.

Adding a pleasant fragrance to your space enhances the clients' impression of your business. How they feel about their environment directly affects their perception of your brand.

  • 59% of people said they would spend more money in a place that was pleasantly scented
  • 82% of people said they would spend more time in a place that smelled good
  • 63% of people have chosen one store over another due to a store's pleasant scent
  • people's moods improve up to 40% when exposed to a pleasant fragrance
  • customers are willing to spend 10-15% more money for the same item because they perceive scented areas as more luxurious and items found in those areas as more valuable