Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Scent?

Q.What is ambient scenting?

Ambient scenting is precisely diffusing a background scent into an indoor space through the use of portable or HVAC integrated diffusion technology.

Q.Why should I scent my space?

Studies show that smell has the most powerful influence on emotion and memory of the five senses.

Through scenting you can set a mood, promote products, increase sales, productivity and customer experience, and you can increase brand perception and awareness as scent is scientifically proven to trigger memories and emotions.

Creating a sensory customer experience increase sales, brand recall and can give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

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Q.How does the diffusion technology work?

We exclusively use cold-air nebulization diffusers to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and create an ultra-fine dry mist.

Our fragrance travels, scenting the whole space – not just the area around the diffuser.

Q.What makes a cold-air nebulizing diffuser better than traditional air fresheners?

Conventional aerosol hygiene dispensers use heavy droplets that spray large particles into the air (around 80 microns) which generally fall to the floor, creating an intense scent in perhaps a 10 square foot area for 5-10 minutes after the spray application, with no scent elsewhere.

Nebulizing cold-air diffusers systems do not use heavy droplets. Instead, they are:

  • Safe and clean
    • Instead of using heat, a fan, or evaporation, Natscent machines use only the filtered air from your space to diffuse fragrances into an ultra-dry micro mist
  • Preserve the quality of essential and aroma oils
    • You to get the full experience of the fragrance without diluting them in water, alcohol, solvents, or using heat
    • Moreover, no alcohol, solvents or heat therefore no fire risks
  • Create scents with less oil than the other methods
  • Leave no residue
  • Preserve the chemical composition of the oils
  • Cover the whole space – not just the area around the diffuser
    • Its micron-size particles are so light they float and uniformly treat the air throughout the space. In fact, these particles are 1/50 the size of aerosol particles

Q.Is ambient scenting safe?

According to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, the fragrance and scents being diffused through a nebulizing cold-air diffuser fall far below the OSHA regulated ‘Allergy Triggers’.

Because of the small particle size, our machines achieve a scent effect of less than 1 PPM (one particle per million). The allergy threshold for most people is over 100 PPM.

Why Natscent?

Q.Why should I choose Natscent?

Our goal is to make the lives of our customers easier through delivering the best products and services!

  • We operate on a subscription-based model, which allows us to provide the best customer service experience
  • We have a ‘cancel any time’ policy with no further costs
  • We partner with you to help you choose the most suited fragrance for your business, and we’ll install the diffusers for you
  • We take care of the maintenance of the machine, including changing the fragrance bottle if needed
  • We offer cost-effective quality European products

Q.What makes Natscent diffusers better?

We have diffusers of the highest quality available, all made in France
Natscent diffusers:

  • are cartridge based plug & play; no messy refilling of bottles or mixing carrier oil with fragrance
  • are precisely tuned for consistent fragrance delivery
  • are fully programmable, allowing you to choose the intensity level of the fragrance as well as the hours/days of operation for the week
  • use a small amount of power

Q.What’s so special about Natscent’s fragrances?

Natscent has over 200 fragrances and oils. We can find the right fragrance for your needs. We can even create a custom signature scent for your brand.

Our fragrances:

  • are made in France and the US only
  • are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant meaning they are of the highest standards in the industry
  • are made from the finest plant derived essences and pure essential oils and have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
  • are hypoallergenic therefore safe to use around people, pets or plants and are free of carcinogens


Q.Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No! We charge you a simple monthly amount.

There is no obligation. You can cancel any time.

Q.How do I decide on the right scent for my business?

We’ll talk with with you and identify the components you like and the effects and goals you are trying to achieve through scenting. We also find out what your brand is about? Together, we'll find the right scent for you.