Scent by Industry

shopping & retail
shopping & retail
  • Increase sales and make your brand more memorable
  • Increase spend per customer and intent to purchase
  • Increase dwell time and conversions; customers linger longer in pleasantly scented stores and choose them over others
  • Increase value perception by creating a sense of luxury, style and elegance
  • Enhance customer experience and increase staff performance by creating a more pleasant and positive atmosphere
hotels & hospitality
hotels & hospitality
  • Create a warm welcome and an inviting ambiance for a memorable first impression
  • Create unique guest experiences and add to the sense of luxury and elegance
  • Increase brand quality perception and loyalty
  • Create trust that the space is clean and safe
  • Enhance the environment throughout the entire space or use different fragrances to create moods for different areas
  • Build a signature fragrance to differentiate your brand
real estate
real estate
  • Create an ambiance of quality and luxury; make your property more apppealing and attractive
  • Sell and lease your properties swiftly and for higher margins
  • Leverage your capital investment with emotional value perception
  • Help buyers choose your property over others
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for prospective residents as well as for current tenants and staff
corporate offices
corporate offices
  • Increase quality perception of brand to ensure impressed clients and visitors
  • Improve alertness in staff and reduce error rates
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for better performance of staff
  • Increase productivity and invigorate your workspace
  • Create a positive and more pleasant environment for a higher performing staff
senior living
senior living
  • Create great first impressions for potential residents and their families
  • Raise value perception and increase occupancy rates
  • Lift mood, ease residents' anxiety and depression
  • Reduce patients’ reported pain and tension
  • Promote relaxation, promote better sleep and increase appetite
  • Trigger memories and create a more comfortable and homey environment
  • Make a great first impression and set an emotional tone
  • Inspire interaction with a fragrance that connects to your specific theme
  • Set a certain mood for your attendees
  • Create a sense of luxury and sophistication
  • Create a more pleasant environment and improve your guests’ mood and perception of your event
  • Make your events memorable and enhance experiences
  • Attract new members and retain current clients and staff; scent is the number one decision factor for membership signups
  • Create a clean, energetic and more luxurious environment
  • Increase physical performance while reducing perceived effort and frustration
  • Improve brand evaluation and recall
  • Help customers achieve desired training responses by stimulating neurological responses within the body
Medical & Dental
Medical & Dental
  • Create great first impressions for new and current patients
  • Raise perception of care quality
  • Reduce perception of wait times
  • Create an inviting and comforting waiting area
  • Lift emotions for a positive placebo effect to improve healing
  • Alleviate stress, enhance feelings of safety and confidence
  • Help patients choose to come back to your practice
restaurants & bars
restaurants & bars
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere where people stay longer and increase visitor return rate
  • Ensure the best customer experience and promote comfort and relaxation
  • Improve employees’ performance and guests’ perception of service
  • Promote a clean environment and revitalize the air
  • Complement certain flavors and enhance the taste of food or drinks
  • Set any mood and ambiance
  • Induce a sense of luxury and elegance and enhance brand perception
clubs & casinos
clubs & casinos
  • Increase the sense of luxury, style and elegance
  • Improve guests' mood, help them be more receptive to music or conversation and therefore have more fun
  • Encourage guests to stay longer and spend more money by creating a more pleasant environment
  • Build a stronger emotional association with the brand and help customers have more memorable experiences
  • Differentiate from competitors, increase visitor return rate and boost revenue
spas & salons
spas & salons
  • Create the feeling of luxury and enhance brand perception, recognition and loyalty
  • Induce a state of tranquility, relaxation and enjoyment
  • Enhance the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of your clients
  • Trigger memories and differentiate your brand
car dealerships
car dealerships
  • Increase sales and make your brand more memorable
  • Improve perception of quality and service value by creating a sense of luxury, style and elegance
  • Make customers linger longer in your dealership and increase their intent to buy
  • Help customers feel comfortable and confident when selecting a new car
  • Create memorable experiences and positive first impressions