Scent marketing benefits:

Boost Sales and Increase Customer Dwell Time
Differentiate your Brand and Enhance the Customer Experience
Enhance the Perception of Product Quality
Create a Want or Mood, and Be Remembered
Create a Bond between Customers and Staff

Create a Want or Mood, and Be Remembered

  • Why is scent so powerful? Because our sense of smell is directly tied to the emotion-processing area of the brain. In fact, 75% of emotions are generated by smell
  • We are 100x more likely to remember what we smell than what we see
  • Even after a year, we can recall scents with 65% accuracy
  • Scent has been known to elevate a person’s mood by 40%
  • Scent forges unique, positive associations with a product, service or place of business. It adds character to themed environments and supports and reinforces themed promotions.
  • To set the mood:
    • a real estate owner might scent the entrance lobby and elevator area to increase value perception and drive higher rents and occupancy
    • a real estate broker might bake cookies for an open house
    • a store selling baby products might use a baby powder scent
    • a bathing suit store may use the scent of suntan lotion or the ocean
    • for restaurants, food smells associated with their main offering trigger hunger (walk by a pizza place)


  • North Carolina’s Bloom grocery chain’s infamous steak-scented billboard
  • Bus shelter ads with “scratch-n-sniff” posters of Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume
  • The joy of a wonderful dinner in a restaurant is more likely to make you revisit again two years later when the venue fans out the same scent on both occasions. The scent allows for previous memories to be retrieved without effort
  • Students were asked to examine a brand-name pencil, along with a 10-point list of its selling points. Some of the pencils were unscented, and some had been doused with pine or tea tree oil. Two weeks later, the average student could not remember a single attribute of the scentless pencil but they remembered more than three attributes of the scented pencils
  • In some German movie theaters, brand fragrances are pumped into the room while the respective brand’s commercial plays. For a Nivea ad featuring a beach scene, the scent of Nivea sun cream was pumped into the theater and the recollection of the ad increased 515% over viewers who had seen the ad without the scent