Scent marketing benefits:

Boost Sales and Increase Customer Dwell Time
Differentiate your Brand and Enhance the Customer Experience
Enhance the Perception of Product Quality
Create a Want or Mood, and Be Remembered
Create a Bond between Customers and Staff

Boost Sales and Increase Dwell Time

  • A pleasing scent can cause shoppers to spend more time in a store, increasing sales opportunities. Scientific studies have shown that an appropriate scent can increase sales from 20 to over 90 percent
  • Customers will linger up to 40% longer in scented areas
  • Customers who spend 40 minutes in a store are twice as likely to buy than those who spend 10 minutes
  • A study run by Nike showed that the addition of scents increased the intent to purchase by 80%
  • Customers are willing to spend 10-15% more money for the same item in scented stores
  • In a customer survey:
    63% of consumers chose one store over another due to a store's pleasant scent
    82% of consumers said they would spend more time in a place that smelled good
    59% of consumers said they would spend more money in a place that was pleasantly scented


  • Exxon On the Run stores added a coffee scent and experienced 55% increase in coffee sales
  • Gamblers plunked 45% more quarters into slot machines when a Las Vegas casino was scented with a pleasant smell. When Hirsch increased the odor level, he found spending increased by 53%